Staying Strong & Feminine

When I had begun to train in self-defense I found myself struggling with concerns over remaining feminine and keeping my curves.  As I worked my way through training courses, most being designed to break us down via conditioning hours upon hours; I found myself, as the only woman, able to keep up with the men.  As I progressed through drill after drill, I learned that most of the men also built themselves up with weight training and worked towards gaining muscle mass; I was determined to increase my conditioning without needing to weight train.  This dilemma led me to develop, through trial and error, the body that I wanted while still being able to take down an opponent.  I am glad to report that people often comment that I don’t look like I am able to do what I can do.  Throughout the fitness section of the blog, I will share my secrets of combining fitness conditioning and learning self-defense skills.

Stay Safe, Live Well™,



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