Catharsis: My Poem

I have dedicated myself to three things when it comes to teaching self-defense to women:

1. Teaching women how prevent facing the threat or act of violence.
2. Teaching women how to survive violence.
3. Helping other victims of violence overcome their negative experience in a positive and meaningful way.

I tried something a bit different and very personal for my latest blog post which was published by The Huffington Post. There are many ways to overcome a negative experience and when you force yourself to overcome trauma in a positive way, you can find the most beautiful and unexpected experiences of emotional and creative release.

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Stay Safe, Live Well!



Keeping The Peace


With all of the happiness and joy that the holidays bring, please take a moment to think of those that are less fortunate. We can all help one another and give the gift of safety, comfort and empowerment to those who need it most.

Please click HERE to read my latest article that was featured on The Huffington Post.

Stay Safe, Live Well!