Travel Safety Tips with The Soteria Method™

Travel Safety Tips with The Soteria Method™

Please enjoy this Huffington Post Article on Travel Safety Tips this Holiday Season. Click HERE for full article. 

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Eat, Drink and be Merry… With an Eye on Your Safety!


As the holidays approach, there are some basic safety tips I wanted to share to make sure you get to enjoy everything the holidays have to offer. Whether you are mall hopping, rushing to your holiday work party, or travelling to visit family,  there are a few simple things to make this season safe.

Click HERE for part 1 of the full article series featured on The Huffington Post

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I WAS a Victim of a Sexual Assault

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I Just wanted to thank The Huffington Post for featuring my article and helping me spread self-defense and empowerment to women. Remember, it is not about what happened, but how you overcome any negative experience in a positive and meaningful way.

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